The Story Tender Notebook

The Notebook is intended for books that will be a part of a series.  It is a series of trackers that I will create while reading your manuscript, designed to be the beginning of a “story bible” for your series.  I record a variety of details about both your main characters and supporting characters, ensuring consistency both within the current manuscript and future installments.  There is also a tracker noting details about the various locations within the story.  The Notebook also includes a Chapter Tracker.  This tracker is used to make sure that chapter notation is consistent in format throughout your manuscript.  It also lists the approximate pages (in the Word Document) for each chapter, useful for creating a balanced work.

The Notebook is provided to the author in Word format, allowing it to be edited and expanded as needed as the series progresses.

This service is available as an add-on to an editing package.  It is also available for works edited elsewhere or even already published.  In those cases, a copy of the published work must be provided.

Cost:  $45 flat rate (additional $5 per thousand words over 100,000)