Package 2: Save Me the Headache Installation

Save yourself the headache of installing and setting up your website, using the WordPress platform on your pre-purchased domain/hosting! With this package, you will receive a complete installation, setup, and design of your site using the WordPress platform on your pre-purchased domain/hosting. This platform is extremely user-friendly and versatile, both in design and in use. There are many themes and plugins, both free and paid, that can be integrated with it to create a unique, easy-to-use website. I can offer recommendations for theme designs and plugins to best fit your needs, as well as providing assistance in purchasing the domain and necessary hosting.

This package also includes 30 days of free maintenance/tweaking. This allows you some time to get used to your new site and make small changes free of charge within those 30 days.

NOTE: This package includes installation and setup ONLY.

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Price; $75