Takeover Images

Takeover sets can done with a seasonal theme, a personal theme, etc. If you have images, you can provide them. Otherwise, I will provide them. If you are doing a more complicated game (like the “what’s your ___ name” games), you will be responsible for providing that content. After ordering, I will contact you to discuss your needs!

Graphics are $2.50ea or $15 for a set of 7.

The basic takeover set includes the following seven graphics…

  • An opening “hello” graphic
  • A closing “stalker” graphic
  • A “what’s next” graphic (for telling what you have coming up… events, signings, books, etc.)
  • 3 game graphics (your choice of games)
  • 1 “giveaway winner” graphic

NOTE: If you wish more graphics than the basic set, additional graphics can be added for $2 each.


Some samples…