PA Services

The Story Tender also offers some PA services!  Are you looking to rid yourself of the mundane, less fun part of writing and publishing?  Our mission is to help you, the author, spend as much time as possible doing what you need to do… writing!

All services are offered à la carte, but can be combined to create the perfect bundle for your needs.  Bundles of three or more services for the same time period receive a 10% discount on your PA package.  Most services can be ordered by the week, by the month, or by the quarter, unless otherwise noted.  If, at the end of a billing period, you would like to add, drop, or change services to better meet your needs, we can do that!

Order services

Services & Cost:

Schedule management:  $10 per week/$30 per month/$85 per quarter

  • private, shared Google calendar
  • text message reminders
  • direct coordination with event organizers to schedule obligations
  • time management for content creation for website/social media/newsletter

Content creation:  $5 per week/$15 per month/$40 per quarter

  • create content for social media posts (max of 2 per week)

HeadTalker/Thunderclap campaigns:  $15 per campaign

  • create and promote campaigns for new releases and sales
  • choice of either platform
  • HeadTalker recommended

Promotional images for social media:  $5 per image

  • teasers, banners, etc. for social media
  • book covers provided by author
  • stock images available for backgrounds

Street Team management:  $20 per month/$55 per quarter

  • create and manage member list (names, urls, contact info, etc.)
  • manage street team newsletters
  • manage street team ARC’s
  • admin duties for team Facebook page
  • interaction via newsletters/Facebook page
  • create weekly missions

Website maintenance:  $25 per month/$65 per quarter

  • blog updates, provided by you
  • content updates, provided by you
  • social media posts advertising blog posts
  • minor maintenance to blog design (plugin installation/updates for WordPress, header changes, etc.)

ARC/Review coordination:  $20 per month /$55 per quarter

  • create and manage ARC list
  • track reviews of books
  • no books offered to bloggers who haven’t posted previous reviews
  • encourage purchase for verified retail reviews

General media kit creation: $10 per new kit/$2 updates (bio/links)

  • kits include:  photo, long/short bio, social media & contact links
  • gathered in both Word and PDF formats
  • excellent for reviewers, tours, etc.

Press kit creation:  $15 per new kit/$3 updates (bio/links/press release/Q&As)

  • kit includes:  general media kit, press release for new release/backlist/sale, sample Q&A’s
  • Q&A’s can be used for guest posts during tours and blog content (topics to be determined)
  • gathered in both Word and PDF formats
  • excellent for reviewers, tours, etc.

Newsletter management:  $15 per month/$40 per quarter

  • maintain newsletter subscriptions
  • create and schedule newsletters (max 1 per week)
  • content provided by author