Service Agreement

A copy of this agreement, tailored to the specific service(s) requested, will be sent to the author upon request for services.


NOTE:  Payment of the deposit (or total bill if for services under $50) invoice indicates acknowledgment and acceptance of the service agreement as detailed in this document.

This agreement is between Kimberly Deister and (author name) and is for (name of work), due to begin on (date) and be completed by (date).

1.  Services Contracted

1.1  The author has contracted the following service(s):  (name of service).

1.2  In accordance with the service(s) requested, the editor agrees to perform the tasks associated with the service as listed on its web page.

2.  Payments

2.1   The Story Tender schedules work on a first-come, first-serve basis, secured with a $50 deposit, applicable to any service over $50.

2.2    The author will pay the deposit, if applicable, within 48 hours of the initial invoice.  This constitutes acceptance of this contract.

2.3   The author will pay the balance, if applicable, within 48 hours of the final invoice.  This will be sent upon receipt of the manuscript.  Work will NOT begin until payment is received.

3.  Termination of Agreement

3.1   The author and The Story Tender both have the authority to terminate this agreement, without cause, with a 14-day written notice prior to the contracted start of services.

3.2  Upon cancellation, The Story Tender reserves the right to book new clients during in the canceled dates.

3.3   If services are terminated with at least 14 days’ notice, all fees will be returned in full.  Failure to provide this notice will incur in forfeiture of the $50 deposit, where applicable.

3.4   If services are terminated once work has begun by the editor, the editor will be paid for the work completed at the date of termination.  If services are terminated once work has begun by the author, the editor will be paid for the work completed at the date of termination, but no less than 50% of the billed total of the project.

3.  Rights and Confidentiality

3.1    All rights associated with the contracted work remain the property of the author.

3.2   Any and all information concerning the contracted work, whether oral or written, shall remain confidential. 

4.  Limitations

4.1  No guarantees are made by the editor as to the marketability of the final product.

4.2   The editor will do everything possible to ensure a quality product.  However, the accuracy and editing of the work are the ultimate responsibility of the author.

5.  Breaches of Confidentiality or Plagiarism

5.1  The Story Tender does not condone breaches of copyright or plagiarism but has no responsibility for the recognition of such material within the work.  However, if it is noted, The Story Tender will bring it to the attention of the author.

5.2   The author agrees that The Story Tender is in no way responsible for any future claims or legal actions taken in the event of any accusations, etc., in relation to the contracted work.

6.   Addressing Work Concerns

6.1  The author agrees to resolve any questions or concerns regarding the quality of the work received by The Story Tender by submitting a written request (by email) for a re-edit.  This request must specifically note all questions, concerns, or disputed errors so that The Story Tender may address these areas of concern.

6.2  This request applies only to the original manuscript and will be re-edited in accordance with the original agreement.  In other words, this re-edit will NOT include editing any work that has been changed after The Story Tender returned the manuscript. 

7.  Miscellaneous

7.1   The author agrees to acknowledge the editing work of The Story Tender within their published work.

7.2  The author agrees to allow the editor to display book information on The Story Tender website as part of a portfolio.